The Orchard at Caney Creek — Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is included in my package?

A.  Your package includes the 4-hour reception with setup in either the Creekview room, deck, or a tent (if you choose to rent one); round 60-inch tables that seat 8-10; white chairs; floor length linens for the guest tables – either white pintuck or champagne iridescent satin; china (either white or gold rimmed); charger plates (gold or silver); stainless cutlery; white linen napkins; buffet meal including passed appetizers, salad, bread, entrée and two sides; water, iced tea and coffee service; cake cutting service; host-provided bar with all common mixers, soda, juices, ice, cups, staff and all equipment; event staff; use of the grooms rooms and bridal suite prior to the event; and 1 hour rehearsal time.


Q.  Can I have my wedding and reception at The Orchard and is there an extra charge for the wedding ceremony? 

A.  You are welcome to have your wedding on the property.  We do not charge an additional ceremony fee, however we do charge a rental/setup fee for the additional chairs you will need for the ceremony.


Q.  Does The Orchard provide a “stage”, arches, columns, chairs and other equipment for a wedding ceremony?

A.  We will setup chairs for an additional fee to your package pricing.  We also have a large platform that can be used for the bride and groom and officiant, that we provide at no charge.  Any other décor, arches, columns, etc. must be rented and are the client’s responsibility.  Note:  it is also the client’s responsibility to arrange for delivery/pickup of any rental items in a timely manner before and after your ceremony.  The Orchard will not move or store any rental items.


Q.  The Orchard is such a large property, where do most couples have their ceremony and reception, etc.?

A.  Most couples choose to be married on the grounds, many facing the “wedding tree”.  This tree is huge with a sweeping branch that is perfect for suspending lanterns or other décor.  We set up so the guests are facing the tree with a backdrop of a beautiful pond with green foliage.  For the reception, guests walk over the deck for passed appetizers and cocktails, with dinner inside the Creekview Room and/or tables on the deck.  Dancing follows on the deck with the DJ setup in one far corner of the deck.  Some couples also choose to incorporate the front patio into the evening – it is a great place for passed appetizers.


Q.  How does The Orchard account for children in the overall guest count?

A.  Our basic guideline is that a child needs to be counted as a guest.  While some children will not eat as much as an adult, the child will still need a chair, a place setting of china, soda or juice, etc.  Babies under 2 years of age do not need to be counted.   Note: since we have water on the property, we require children to be supervised by an adult at all times.


Q.  The Creekview Room seats about 120.  The covered deck area seats another 100.  What if my wedding is much larger than that?

A.  Many of our couples have their ceremonies on the grounds and then have the reception in the Creekview Room and on the deck – with 10-15 tables inside and as many as they need outside.  There is a covered area on the deck that accommodates about 10 tables of 10, and additional room on the deck for at least 15-20 additional tables.  For even larger groups, most of our couples will rent a tent.  We have tent companies that we recommend.  We have had tent events for up to 550 i on the property and it is a lovely alternative.


Q.  On the day of the wedding, how early can we arrive at The Orchard to start decorating?  You have access to the property four hours prior to your wedding or reception start time (whichever is earlier).  Your florist, cake, DJ, and decorators are all welcome to be on-site four hours before your ceremony.  We will do our best to have all your tables and linens set and ready before you or your vendors arrive.  We will close the Creekview room one hour prior to your wedding to finish our final setup.  Should you need access to the Creekview room or the deck area, etc. earlier than the 4 hours prior to your event, you must notify Susan in writing and it must be ok’d by her.  Please note, if we have to schedule staff to set up the room earlier, unlock doors, etc., there may be additional charges passed along to the client.


Q.  What if I have booked all the accommodations and my friends and family are all staying on-site, can’t we begin decorating much earlier or even the day before? 

A.  Not necessarily.  You will need to get an ok from Susan in writing.  It is very likely that we will have had a wedding on the evening prior to yours and may need to do a good bit of clean-up and resetting of the property, rooms, etc.  We will need to complete our work, before you can begin and we will need ample time to do so.  If it is imperative that you have earlier access, there may be additional charges for extra staff to complete cleanup in time.


Q.  Do you have a dressing area for the bride and her attendants for prior to the wedding?

A.  Yes.  We have a lovely room at the Orchard House that the bride may use.  If the Orchard House is booked with guests, the bride may use the Outback or a comparable room on the property.  Either location has a bedroom and full bathroom for the bride and her attendants to use.  The bride will have access to these rooms for the four hours prior to the wedding/reception.  As the reception begins, the doors to these quarters will be locked to protect valuables and restrict guest access during the ceremony/reception.  After the reception we will let everyone back in to collect their things.


Q.  Where will the groom get ready, prior to the event?  Will we have access to these rooms throughout the reception?

A.  The groom and groomsmen are welcome to use the “groom’s rooms” which includes 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a game room with pool table, flat screen tv, etc.  The groom will have access to these rooms for the four hours prior to the wedding/reception.  As the reception begins, we will lock all doors leading to this area of the property to protect any valuables, etc. and to prevent wedding guests access to this area.  After the reception, the rooms will be open for the groom and groomsmen.


Q.  What time is check-in and check-out for my family and wedding guests that are staying on the property?

A.  Guests may check-in at 3 pm and check-out at 10 am.  Should a guest require an early check-in or a late check-out, it will result in additional charges.


Q. If I book my wedding at The Orchard, can I come take my bridal photos on the property?

A. Of course, all you need to do is schedule your dates/times with Sandy or Susan.


Q.  Does The Orchard allow outside catering for weddings?

A.  Not typically.  Our pricing is based upon a package that includes the venue, all food, host provided bar, staff, etc., and we prefer not to unbundle it.  However, in one or two instances we have allowed approved outside caterers BUT we do not allow use of our kitchen equipment, and the client/caterer is responsible for providing their own, china, glassware, silverware, staff, etc.  In that instance, The Orchard would provide the venue, tables, chairs, white linens, and one event coordinator.


Q.  What is the “host-provided” bar included in the package?

A. The Orchard provides all drink, mixers, juice, sodas, etc., however we do not purchase the alcohol.  We will provide the client with a “pull sheet” of recommended amounts of alcohol needed for their guest count.  Most brides work with Spec’s in Fulshear.  Clients can call in the liquor, beer and wine order off the sheet provided and, using a credit card or check, purchase the liquor.  Spec’s will pull and bundle the liquor and The Orchard will pick it up and stock the bar.  At the end of the event, all leftover alcohol will be boxed and given to the client to take home.


Q. Is security required?

A. Yes, if alcohol is being served, security is required.  The Orchard will contact and schedule the off-duty officers.  For most weddings a minimum of two officers are required for the duration of the reception or at least as long as liquor is being served/consumed.  Security is typically $125 per officer, for 4 hours.


Q. What is the timeframe of a typical reception and how late can we party?

A.  Your entire event time is based upon a 4-hour reception.  We usually estimate 30 minutes for the wedding, a 4-hour reception, and 30 minutes for cleanup and all guests to be off property. As guests reach the deck (or wherever) for cocktails after the ceremony, the bar opens and that begins a 4-hour reception timeframe, with last call/last dance/last song 15 minutes prior to the end of the reception.  After that, guests will depart and the wedding party will take down all decorations and remove all gifts, etc. and the Creekview Room will be locked.


Q.  Can we request a longer reception time than the 4 hours?

A.  Yes.  You would need to make that request prior to the wedding and we would be happy to quote an estimated cost to keep the bar open with additional staff and security.