In a nutshell…

A quick word about shoes — I love them. I know it is cliché – every girl loves shoes, blah, blah, blah. But, hear me out. Lately, the trend with wedding shoes is to wear your dream shoes on the big day. I spoke to a bride this past weekend who hadn’t found her dress (the wedding is in 3 months) but has had her shoes since shortly after she got engaged –pink Louboutins. For those of us more accustomed to UGGs, Nike and Nine West, Louboutins are the shoes with the red soles, often seen at the Oscars, etc. I did a little research and the peep toe (a very popular style) is about $950. This bride is choosing a bright contrasting shoe color that she will pick up in her floral and her décor, which is a fun idea.

Lady PeepAnother popular trend is a nude shoe or a blinged out shoe – great options that come with a variety of price tags to meet any budget. Wedges and platforms are popular for the extra height with a bit more comfort than a classic pump or sandal. And, of course cowboy boots are always a big hit in Texas. Check out my link to M.L. Leddy’s if a boot is your dream shoe.

A word of advice…buy your wedding shoes early and wear them often – just around the house (not while you are laying on the couch watching New Girl) but while you are up and about. If your reception is 4 hours long, test drive the shoes for 4 hours. How do they feel? Would a Dr. Scholl’s insert help? Do you need a bit of moleskin at the toe? Can you dance in them? Can you walk up or down stairs in them? Do all of this before you alter your dress hem.

Make sure you can comfortably wear your dream shoes for the whole reception. Or, do what I would do – wear the dream shoes for the wedding; buy some nude platforms to switch into for dinner; buy some colorful wedges for dancing; buy some new cowboy boots for late in the evening; and buy some blingy flats for the going away outfit.

Did I mention I love shoes???